Welded Fence Panel

Welded Fence Panel

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Welded fence panel make excellent garden fences; they are attractive, secure and offer a good level of privacy. Furthermore, panels can easily be painted or stained to match the aesthetics of your garden and to suit individual tastes. Our range of welded fence panel includes the ever popular lap and close board styles, which are each available in a range of heights and can be bought dip or pressure treated.

All welded fence panel of many styles are available in galvanized steel, plastic coated steel and aluminum. The fence panel fabrics have many patterns. They may be chain link type, welded wire mesh opening; expanded metal diamond shaped or palisade type with spikes. Fence panel topping can be barbed wire tape or razor wire concertina for medium and high security.

Welded fence panel are utilized as guards in buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and fence in agriculture; it is also used in horticulture industry as tree guards, plant protection.

Wire Mesh Fence Panel:

Galvanized Bending Fence Panel

Galvanized Bending Fence Panel BY-1

PVC Bending Fence Panel

PVC Bending Fence Panel BY-2

PVC Bending Fence Panel

PVC Bending Fence Panel BY-3

358 Fence Panel

358 Fence Panel BY-4

868 Double Wire Fence Panel

868 Double Wire Fence Panel BY-5

Wire Mesh Fence:
1、Bending wire mesh fence panel:
mesh opening: 50x100mm 50x150mm 50x180 mm
diameter: 4.5--5mm mesh size: 2.45x3m

2、358 Fence Panel:
It is named by its specification: Mesh Aperture: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''), Wire Dia.: 4mm (Gauge 8)
It has two product specifications:
358 anti climb fence 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''), Wire Dia.: 4mm (Gauge 8)
3510 anti climb fence: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''), Wire Dia.: 3mm (Gauge 10)
Mesh size: panel height: 2.5m-4m panel width: 2.0m-2.5m

3、868 Fence Panel:
868 fence panel are also called double wire fence panel.
Mesh opening: 50-100mm×100-200mm
Diameter: 3.0--8.0mm
Mesh height: 1.8m—4.87m mesh width: 2--2.5m