Temporary Fence with Simple Feet

Temporary Fence with Simple Feet

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Temporary fence with simple feet is consist of double edge welded mesh fence panel, round post, concrete feet, and linked accessories. The temporary fence with simple feet has the character of easy transport, easy assembling, low cost and repeated use.

Temporary Fence with Simple Feet is used for the safety protection and guide line of the major celebration, Sport activity, important construction activities.

Double edge wire mesh fence panel material: use the Q195, Q235 high quality low carbon steel wire

Process of the temporary fence: welded the mesh panel—welded the post and the panel—welded the frame—polish treatment—make the surfacetreatment—transport—install.

Surface treatment include: hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated and plastic spraying. The color is available for the customers’ advice.

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temporary fence with simple feet

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Temporary Fence with Simple Feet

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Size of double edge fence: 1.5*2.95m, 1.8*2.95m
Hole size: 50*100mm,75*150mm, 100*200mm
Diameter:3.5mm, 4.00mm,4.5mm
Post: round tube post .30*30mm, 32*32mm, 40*40mm the thickness is more than 1.2mm the height of the post is from 1.8m to 2.5m.
Double edge fence half-Y post and Y post: The height is from 2.15m to 3.3m. In the half-Y point and V point, you can use the welded mesh panel or razor wire to protect.
The concrete feet are casted by the concrete. It has the pillar intubation and mobile base hook .The size of the feet can be designed by the customers.