Sport Court Fence

Sport Court Fence

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Sport court fence is a newly products designed for athletic applications. Usually we designed and produce with the chain link fabric. But sometimes we also use the welded mesh fence.

① chain line sport court fence:

The sport court fence height usually within 4 meters in order to prevent the ball fell to the outside of the sport court .When producing the chain link mesh, the width and length are extended effectively .This feature is suitable for the basic requirement of the sport court fence .After the further production, the chain link sport fence not only fit for the length requirement, but also has the character of tensioning ability and rebound performance. The chain link sport court fence are widely used in the badminton court ,basketball court , volleyball court ,golf court, other school court and the safety protection of the school court.

Product advantage: The chain link mesh is usually use the galvanized wire and PVC coated wire to produce. The surface has the character of color appearance, anti-aging, corrosion resisting, flat surface.

Application of the chain link sport court fence:

Basketball Court Fence

Basketball Court Fence BY-1

Sport Ground Fence

Sport Ground Fence BY-2

Tennis Court Fence

Tennis Court Fence BY-3

Football Court Fence

Football Court Fence BY-4

②welded sport court fence

The welded sport court fence is produced by the welded wire mesh fence .When producing the welded sport court fence, we connect the high post and welded fence panel .

The character of the welded sport court fence is good stability, anti-collision and anti-climb. After the galvanized and PVC, the fence increase the perfect ability of anti-corrosion, anti acid rain, anti-purple ultraviolet radiation, ageing resistant.

Application: The fence was widely used in all kinds of tennis court, basketball court, football field, badminton field, volleyball, golf courses, school playground, track and other places. It can meet the schools, offices, enterprise or business the unit measures of fitness measures demand, it has a neat appearance and strong resistance. Customers just need offer the plan and the specific size; our professional designer will help you make up complete solutions.

Application of the welded sport court fence:

American Football Court Fence

American Football Court Fence BY-5

Basketball Court Fence

Basketball Court Fence BY-6

Football Court Fence

Football Court Fence BY-7

Playground Fence

Playground Fence BY-8