Loop Top Fence

Loop Top Fence

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Loop Top Fence specification:

(1) total size: 1270*3000mm Post: 60*80*2*1100 Bottom horizontal brace: 40*65*2*2800

Loop Top space: Middle of pitch 180mm net space:165mm

Distance of u type:70mm Middle iron plate connecting fiiting:50*70*5mm

Loop Top round steel:155mm

(2)other Loop Top space:12.5cm 17.cm 21.5cm

Commodity: Loop Top Fence that appearance is similar to N .S0 it is called N type ornamental fence.

Material: square pipe material, rectangle pipe material, round steel.

Structure:Loop Top fence is made of Reverse U type about quantity N and connecting with both edge post and bottom horizontal brace .And it is usually fixed by cast based or precut pouring.

Usage: Loop Top Fence is widely used in isolation of municipal and highway as well as wall guarding.

Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated, spray paint

Loop Top Fence

Loop Top Fence BY-1

Loop Top Road Fence

Loop Top Road Fence BY-2

Loop Top Fence Residential Zone

Loop Top Fence Residential Zone BY-3

Road Fence Villa Application

Road Fence Villa Application BY-4

Loop Top Playground Fence

Loop Top Playground Fence BY-5

N Shape Wrought Scenic Spot Fence

N Shape Wrought Scenic Spot Fence BY-6

Loop Top Road Fence

Loop Top Road Fence BY-7

Common size:
Mesh size: 1200x3000mm
Post: 60x80x1100X2pc
Bottom brace: 40x65x2x2800
U tube diameter: 15.5mm
U tube space: 70mm
loop top opening space: center to center 180mm;
net space: 165mm