Garden Fence

Garden Fence

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Garden fence mainly used in residential area, garden, park, scenic spot, lawn, factory and mines, municipal virescence and other landscaping projects. This kind of fence is lower than other fence, has a good transparency. The fence is not only protect the garden from picking, but also make the garden beautiful and strong.

Garden fence material: Q195 low carbon steel wire

Surface treatment: galvanized (hot-dipped or electro), pvc, plastic spraying

Garden fence has the character of beauty, so the appearance and surface treatment is much important. If use the low carbon steel wire welded the panel, we must do the following process:
Low carbon steel wire weld-----sand blast---- passivation and derusting---unoil--- galvanize hot-dipped or galvanized) ----pvc or plastic spraying (color desided by the customer)

Connection: use the special accessories connect the panel and post.

Double Loop Garden Fence

Double Loop Garden Fence BY-1

Roll Top Garden Fence

Roll Top Garden Fence BY-2

Arc Shape Garden Fence

Arc Shape Garden Fence BY-3

PVC Garden Fence

PVC Garden Fence BY-4

Square Post Heteroideus Garden Fence

Square Post Heteroideus Garden Fence BY-5

Special Style Garden Fence

Special Style Garden Fence BY-6

Peach Post Garden Fence

Peach Post Garden Fence BY-7

Double Edge Garden Fence

Double Edge Garden Fence BY-8

Large Garden Fence

Large Garden Fence BY-9

Common specification about the garden fence:
Diameter: 3.0—4.5mm hole size: 50x100mm 60x120mm fence height: 0.5--1.8m
Fence width: 1.5---3m bending amount: 1—4 (decided by the height)
Post: you can use the flange plate fix or bury the post beyond the ground