Framed Fence

Framed Fence

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Framed fence: connect the square tube and the panel, use the accessories and the post fix on the ground. This product is flexible assemble. According to the different fix style, it can be used as the permanent fence and temporary fence.

Character of the framed fence: good structure, high intensity, attractive appearance, easily install, good rob resistance.

Usage of framed fence: Mainly used in the high way, railway, airport, station, service zone, port, etc

Framed fence application:

1.Common specification for the high way framed fence:

Framed: mainly use the 20*30mm or 20*40mm post, or P shape post as the frame

Post: φ48mm surface treatment: galvanized or plastic spraying. The post top has plastic hat or rain hat.

According to the different fix style, we have embedded ground 30—50mm and flange plate two style.

All the accessories and post, welded panel are connected by the plastic or iron clip. All the screws are burglarproof.

Road Framed Fence

Road Framed Fence BY-1

Park Framed Fence

Park Framed Fence BY-2

2. Common specification for the gym, school framed fence:

Common specification for the high way framed fence

Mainly used the chain link mesh and frame structure. The frame usually useφ60mm post.

Hole size: 50x50mm 100x100m diameter: 2.0—5.0mm

Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC

Chain Link Framed Sport Fence

Chain Link Framed Sport Fence BY-3

Chain Link Framed Ditch Fence

Chain Link Framed Ditch Fence BY-4

3. Common specification about the factory and mines framed fence:

Mainly use the expanded metal mesh and frame structure.

Hole size: 60x100mm (LWD*SWD) x 2.5-4mm (strand) x1.5-2mm (thickness) x2.5m (width) x3--10m (length)

Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC, plastic spraying

Expanded Framed Factory Fence

Expanded Framed Factory Fence BY-5

Expanded Enterprise Framed Fence

Expanded Enterprise Framed Fence BY-6