Double Edge Fence

Double Edge Fence

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Double edge fence: It has double wire in the both ends of the fence .The double wire is used to connect the post and accessories. The double edge fence do not has frame, we can divide the double edge fence into double edge plain panel fence, double edge bending panel fence, half-Y post double edge fence.

Character of double edge fence: simple structure, easily transport, low cost .If use the fence post connected the brick wall、fixed with the concrete cast、bend the panel to increase the number of the wire, this way will over come the fence shortage of insufficient stiffness.

Usage of the double edge fence:widely used in the high way, orchard farm, school, park, development zone etc.

Surface treatment:

*Cheaper and easy treatment: electro galvanized (silver); plastic spraying: green, white, yellow, red, black, etc.

*Common treatment:PVC; bright green, dark green, white, yellow, black, red etc.

*Good rob resistance treatment: use PVC after hot-dipped galvanized, the rob resistance can last 6—10 years.

Double edge fence application

Double Edge Fence Agriculture Protection

Double Edge Fence Agriculture Protection BY-1

Double Edge Fence Farm Protection

Double Edge Fence Farm Protection BY-2

Double Edge Fence Park Protection

Double Edge Fence Park Protection BY-3

Double Edge Fence Road Separation

Double Edge Fence Road Separation BY-4

Double edge fence common specification:
1、diameter: 43.5—5.5mm
2、hole size: 50mmx100mm 60mm x 120mm\
3、fence size: 2300mm x 3000mm
4、Post :
round post : 30mmx1.5mm 48mm x 2mm
square post :30mmx30mm 48mmx48mm
5、accessory: rain hat, clip, security bolt

Double Edge Fence Connection

Double Edge Fence Connection BY-5

Double Edge Fence Connection

Double Edge Fence Connection BY-6

Advice about the installation of the double edge fence:

1、Before installing the double edge fence, we should prepare all the accurate all facilities information. Especially know well the accurate location of all pipelines which we buried in the ground. During the construction process, we are not allowed to make any damage.

2、Positioning to dig the hole, casting post.

3、If use the flange plate fixed the fence in the bridge of the high way, we must pay attention to the flange plate location and the controlling of the post top surface elevation.

4、If use the double edge fence as the crash barrier, the appearance quality decided by the installation process. We must pay more attention to the construction supervision, and make sure about the installation quality.

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