Airport Fence

Airport Fence

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Airport fence also called Y shape security fence. It is consist of Y shape post, welded mesh, security connecting parts and hot-dipped galvanized razor wire.

Material: low carbon steel wire.

Process: straight and cut wire, welding, inspection, polish, surface treatment.

Surface treatment: electro or hot-dipped galvanized after welding, then pvc or plastic spraying.

Connection type: mainly use the M shape clip.

Advantage of airport fence:
1、Easily transport, easily install, beautiful and practical
2、Attractive appearance, variety colors. Not only a fence but also a good scenery.
3、Good anti climb character, high safety, effective prevent the destroy by the maybe invader.
4、Airport fence has four strength bending wire, make the mesh much stronger
5、It can adapt all kinds of geography.

Airport fence application: mainly used in the airport protection. Airport fence also can used in the railway, high way, bridge, military center, port, municipal construction, park, lawn, zoo, lake, road, residential area separation and protection, hotel, supermarket and entertainment place as decoration.

Airport Fence

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Airport Fence

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Airport Fence

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Airport Fence

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Airport Fence

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Airport Fence

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Airport fence specification:

Material: 3mm—8mm high quality low carbon steel wire

Mesh size: 50*100mm 50*180mm 60*120mm

Panel size: 1.8*3m 2.5x3m

Post: 60X60mm