358 Anti Climb Fence

358 Anti Climb Fence

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Post, accessory, connection, packing, transportation of 358 wire mesh fence

358 anti climb fence also called high security fence, prison fence. It is named by its specification: Mesh Aperture: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''), Wire Dia.: 4mm (Gauge 8)

It has two product specifications:

358 anti climb fence 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''), Wire Dia.: 4mm (Gauge 8)
3510 anti climb fence: 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3'' x 0.5''), Wire Dia.: 3mm (Gauge 10)

Material: low carbon steel wire, Aluminum magnesium alloy wire

Height: 2.5m—4.0m. Width: 2.0m—2.5m

Process: straight and cut the wire---trial-produce---quantity produce—Middle inspection—surface treatment

Surface treatment:
1、use the hot-dipped galvanized (or electro galvanized) wire as material ,after welding, begin pvc or plastic spraying.
2、Use the low carbon steel wire welded the panel, then elctro or hot-dipped galvanized treatment, finally pvc treatment.
3、In Europe, generally choose the galvanized after welding or pvc after welding.

Application: play ground, prison, airport, power system, shipping port, bedlam.

358 Prison Fence

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